The Chord Company applies over 30 years of cable design know-how to its first ever headphone cable, ShawCan

The Chord Company is launching its first ever headphone cable at headroom. For the first time in over 30 years, The Chord Company has applied its cable-building expertise to a headphone cable. The new ShawCan is a thoroughbred Chord product and features the company’s unique Tuned ARAY conductor technology.

ShawCan features high-quality silver-plated conductors with PTFE insulation. The shield is a composite design that doesn’t just shield but helps to minimise unwanted mechanical noise an inherent problem with headphone cables. The conductors are enclosed in a black outer jacket that is more than just a braid to tidy the conductors: the jacket is actually designed to further reduce mechanical noise.

Chord has been able to adapt its unique Tuned ARAY conductor geometry to work within a headphone cable. The Tuned ARAY conductor design in ShawCan has allowed Chord to make a cable that carries a musical signal far more coherently than more conventional designs. The benefits of ShawCan aren’t just in terms of detail and dynamics: the really big step forward is the way that Tuned ARAY cables – ShawCan included – make music sound so involving, immersive and believable.